DIOR® Paclitaxel-eluting PTCA balloon dilatation catheter. A product of Eurocor Tech GmbH



The DIOR®, a Paclitaxel-eluting PTCA balloon dilatation catheter, is a rapid-exchange catheter which is specially designed for interventions in coronary arteries. It is indicated for widening stenosis of de novo and restenotic lesions of a coronary artery or a coronary bypass in order to enhance myocardial perfusion. The DIOR® Paclitaxel eluting coronary balloon catheter is especially indicated for the treatment of coronary in-stent restenosis.

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Technical Data

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DesignRapid exchange
Balloon diameter2.0 / 2.25 / 2.50 / 2.75 / 3.00 / 3.50 and 4.00 mm
Balloon length15 / 20 / 25 and 30 mm
Usable catheter length (tip to strain relief)140 cm
Recommended guide wire 0.014" (0.36 mm)
Minimum guiding catheter5F
Tip profile0.016" (0.41 mm)
Proximal shaft diameter1.8 F
Shaft coatingHydrophilic
Balloon coatingPaclitaxel (3μg/mm²) within a shellac matrix (1:1 ratio)
Balloon materialPA, Polyamid/Nylon
Balloon folding3-fold
Balloon characteristicSemi-compliant
Recommended inflation time45 sec
Nominal pressure6 bar
Rated burst pressureBalloon length 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 mm Dianeter 2.00 - 3.50 mm: 16 bar
Balloon length 15 / 20 mm Diameter 4.00 mm: 16 bar
Balloon length 25 / 30 mm Diameter 4.00 mm: 14 bar
Packaging unit1 unit


Compliance Chart

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Inflation (bar) per Balloon Diameter (mm)246*8101214**16**18
Balloon Ø 2.01.851.922.00***2.24
Balloon Ø 2.25*2.312.352.392.432.48**2.52
Balloon Ø 2.52.322.402.50*2.562.612.652.702.75**2.80
Balloon Ø 2.752.552.642.75*2.822.872.922.973.03**3.08
Balloon Ø 3.02.782.883.00***3.36
Balloon Ø*3.583.653.713.783.85**3.92
Balloon Ø 4.03.713.844.00***4.40**4.48

* Nominal Pressure: 6 bar
** RBP: 16 bar (14 for balloons bigger than 4.0-20)


Ordering Information

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Balloon Diameter (mm-Ø)15 mm Balloon Length20 mm Balloon Length25 mm Balloon Length30 mm Balloon Length
2.00DIOR 2.00-15DIOR 2.00-20DIOR 2.00-25DIOR 2.00-30
2.25DIOR 2.25-15DIOR 2.25-20DIOR 2.25-25DIOR 2.25-30
2.50DIOR 2.50-15DIOR 2.50-20DIOR 2.50-25DIOR 2.50-30
2.75DIOR 2.75-15DIOR 2.75-20DIOR 2.75-25DIOR 2.75-30
3.00DIOR 3.00-15DIOR 3.00-20DIOR 3.00-25DIOR 3.00-30
3.50DIOR 3.50-15DIOR 3.50-20DIOR 3.50-25DIOR 3.50-30
4.00DIOR 4.00-15DIOR 4.00-20DIOR 4.00-25DIOR 4.00-30